EAST COAST LABORATORY SERVICES was started as a company so the needs of a client can be met on their terms and deadlines. We offer convenient, reliable, dedicated and affordable services that have been geared to meet any client's business and laboratory needs. We are proficient at every phase of design, maintenance, repair, certification and recalibration.

VISION STATEMENT East Coast Laboratory Services is committed to becoming the East Coast's leader in providing the highest quality laboratory services.

MISSION STATEMENT At East Coast Laboratory Services our responsibility is to serve biotech organizations, pharmaceuticals, hospitals, laboratories, universities, and all other highly valued customers with all of their laboratory needs. We offer a diverse range of products and services including but not limited to; NSF certifications on biosafety cabinets, ISO certifications on cleanrooms, equipment installations and relocations, full service repairs, and decontamination services. Through persistent effort and commitment we aspire to become the leader of laboratory services on the East Coast. While providing our laboratory services, we remain steadfast to using the most technologically advanced equipment to complete our tasks. At East Coast Laboratory Services we will forever be dedicated to our stakeholders by relentlessly pursuing new growth opportunities, continually improving our profitability, and striving towards this with the utmost levels of social, ethical, and environmental accountability and sustainability. Most importantly we value our employees by providing them with the ability to reach the highest levels of professional growth possible.

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